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Nicholas Mather

Copper, gold

Ecuador, Australia, Solomon Islands

SolGold is a copper and gold specialist with exploration tenements in Ecuador, Australia and Solomon Islands. SolGold has 5 Subsidiaries, ENSA (85%), Valle Rico (100%), Green Rock Resources (100%), Cruz del Sol (100%) and Carnege Ridge (100%). 

SolGold's primary objective is to discover and define world-class copper gold assets in Ecuador. 

Flagship Project: The Cascabel Project (85%)

The Cascabel Project sits within ENSA, (85% SolGold) is 50km2 and located in northern Ecuador, within the Andean copper belt where 48% of the world’s copper production and numerous Tier 1 global resource are found. SolGold has identified 15 targets within the Cascabel concession. 

SolGold has drilled approximately 50,000 metres at 'The Alpala Deposit' within the Cascabel Project.  SolGold has not yet produced a resource for the growing copper gold porphyry system, however every drill hole extends the known deposit. SolGold has drilled 35 holes to date with 9 drill holes producing over a kilometre in continuous high grade mineralisation. SolGold currently has 7 rigs onsite with 11 expected by Feburary 2018. All drilling is contributing towards a Mineral Resource Statement which is expected by the end of 2017. 

Exploration in Ecuador  (Valle Rico (100%), Green Rock Resources (100%), Cruz del Sol (100%) and Carnege Ridge (100%). )

SolGold has been granted 59 new concessions across Ecuador, totalling an area of approximately 2,500 square kilometres of prospective new exploration ground in four fully owned subsidiaries. The team is growing quickly in knowledge and numbers and we are excited to be apart of this company.