worldwide need for Resources

Global urbanisation is increasing at an unprecedented rate which is creating an enormous demand for natural resources. As the world moves to urbanise and electrify, resource commodities will be a key focus for long term growth and sustaining our every day lifestyles.  Everything points to energy - which is now found in many new forms and electrification.

DGR's main objective is to explore for world-class assets in emerging jurisdictions for commodities researched and proven to be necessary for the technological future we are rapidly entering.

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Copper  |   Lithium   |  Tin  |   Cobalt  |   Gold   | 

Oil   |  Gas  |   Nickel   |  Bauxite  |   Zinc  |   Iron ore


DGR offers one entry point for exposure to:

  • A diverse range of commodities

  • A diverse range of operational jurisdictions

  • Multiple financial markets and international financial exchanges

  • Traditional resources (gold, copper, gas) and technology-driven resources (lithium, tin, cobalt)

  • Long-term growth underpinned by forecast commodity demands

  • Underlying projects ranging from infancy to maturity

  • Ongoing project and resource company generation

  • Market and financial due diligence of project selection and advancement

  • State of the art geophysical technology in exploration

  • Co-investment with Tribeca Investment Partners

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Auburn Resources, Coolgarra Minerals, Albatross Bauxite and Pinnacle Gold are currently the DGR ‘private’ or ‘publicly unlisted’ companies in the DGR pipeline. These companies yield promising potential, yet are still early stage or grassroots minerals and metals exploration across Queensland.

DGR has also secured the majority interest (83.18%) in Armour Uganda, which owns a highly prospective oil investment in the Kanywataba Block in the Albertine Graben, Uganda.