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DGR's portfolio of creations spreads across a diverse range of commodities, countries and stock exchanges. See below DGR's portfolio of publicly listed companies and its investment in each. 

Armour Energy (ASX : AJQ) 

DGR holds a 22.43% investment  (75 million shares).  


Aus Tin Mining (ASX : ANW) 

DGR holds a 18.2% investment (360.8 million shares). 



Dark Horse Resources (ASX : DHR) 

DGR holds a 17.2% investment (113.5 million shares). 


IronRidge Resources (LSE/AIM : IRR) 

DGR holds a 24.3% investment (62.3 million shares). 


SolGold Plc (LSE/AIM : SOLG) 

DGR holds a 12.04% investment (207.3 million shares).