Business model

DGR Global creates and develops resource exploration companies.

Our inimitable approach draws on the technical, entrepreneurial and global economic expertise of our team to cultivate opportunities across multiple continents and commodities.
We are dynamic, diverse and different, and focussed on value generation and long-term monetisation outcomes.

We identify a superior opportunity early

We utilise state-of-the-art technology and have an accomplished team of exploration geoscientists with a track record of world-class discoveries to identify new opportunities.

DGR Global adds value for our investors by breaking new ground rather than using the common approach of purchasing projects when value has already been realised by others.

We cultivate the opportunity

For each project, a subsidiary is created and our team formulates a strategy tailored to maximise the opportunity identified.

Through every step of the early phases of the project, from seed capital raising and listing, through to the technical feasibility studies, we push the boundaries and we challenge the norm to ensure we deliver the best outcome possible.

We develop a sustainable future

We continuously innovate to achieve a more sustainable outcome. We optimise the way we work to create long-term value for each project.

What sets each subsidiary apart is a plan for the independent and tailored execution of a project right through to production. We have an entrepreneurial spirit that fosters out-of-the-box thinking with an eye on the long term potential of the companies we create.

The notable accomplishments of DGR Global Managing Director Nick Mather and the Board of Directors across the resource exploration sector exemplify the potential for immense long term value creation in each of DGR Global’s subsidiaries. We always retain an interest in our projects, demonstrating the confidence we have in the opportunities we create and foster.